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Password Safe and Repository

The professional password manager for every scenario…

Whether you are a private user and want to administer only
few passwords or if you are a ambitious administrator, up to
huge companies and concerns Password Safe offers the right
solution for your password management.


From the beginning of Password Safe we have focused on the usability and handling of the software. Due to the user interface designed in the look and feel near to outlook the handling is very easy and intuitive. Assistants helps you and explain comprehensive steps, for example the creation of a new database. Furthermore it is possible to customize the database to your requirements from the Standard edition on and adjust or create new or own entry masks, the so-called forms.


Password Safe has been designed for safety. Due to the exclusive use of safe and open standards we can guarantee that no gaps will occur. For the encryption we use AES 256 Bit (database and connection encryption), RSA 1024 Bit (key exchange) and SHA (Hashing). Besides we have integrated different safety mechanisms, like a hacker protection, a key logger protection, the clipboard control and a screen keyboard, to name only a few examples.


Password Safe is built modular and is available in varied editions. According to different use cases we can offer our Software for the private user as well as the huge companies and concerns. It is also possible to upgrade Password Safe at any time and extend it more user licenses, plugins and modules.