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Productive through integrated tab system


Productive through integrated tab system

Clear usability is essential in Password Safe. The user requires only a few clicks for the desirable  outcome. To keep more records, websites or remote desktop connections open a tab system was integrated in Password Safe.

With a right-click, a desired item, such as, a folder, record item, remote desktop connection, or a web page will open in a new tab. Even editing records in the tab is possible. If configured, an automatic notification can be performed. With the tab system, you will be more productive.


Remote Desktop connections in Tab System

Open multiple remote desktop connections simultaneously in several tabs in order to easily and effectively manage an unlimited number of systems. If configured, the connections in the logbook are  appropriately documented.

Remote Desktop Verbindungen im Tab-System


Integrated Tab Browser and Auto-Login

One can also open internet pages in the tab system. When an automatic login is configured, naturally, you are logged in. Phishing is eliminated hereby; which means you can surf with Password Safe even more safely!

Integrierter Tab-Browser und automatische Anmeldung


Open records in the tab and edit them

Open records in the tab, in order to keep more records open when needed.  Thus you avoid constant moving between records. The records you need are available at your fingertips. In the event that the user is given the permission to "edit", then the data set can also be changed in the tab.

Automatische Verknüpfung zu bestehenden Passwörtern


The Tab-System is integrated from the Personal Edition Free. However the automatic password entry, Remote Desktop connection and SSO engine is available from the Standard Edition. The product comparison offers an overview of all functions of the different editions. Click on the tab “all features” in the product comparison to see all program features.