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The Enterprise Password Manager is the solution to manage passwords for companies.

Greater performance

Using the Enterprise Server you reach a uniformly high level of performance when working in a team. Make use of the strengths of a server system with multicore processors.

Encrypted connection

The connection between client and server is controlled over an encrypted TCP/IP connection. The server is additionally Internet, VPN and WAN capable.

Offline mode

With the offline mode the Clients are able to work with the database without a connection to the Enterprise Server. The changes be synchronized if the Client comes back online. more...


With the new Task-Service certain
tasks can be carried out by the
Enterprise server in time intervals
like for example sending e-mails.


The new Database-Firewall
at the Enterprise Server protects
against unauthorized access and
provides better control.

Scheduled backups

Set up backup schedules for the automatic backup of any databases. A backup can even be run during operation. more...

Greater security

If the connection is established via an Enterprise Server, the users have no contact with the database file. The connection is established via TCP/IP and encrypted.


The extensive workflow system offers many possibilities to adapt Password Safe to the requirements of the company. More...


A login at Password Safe with
certificates via token or smartcard
is also possible. A precondition for
this is a public-key-infrastructure in
your company.


Use pre-assembled reports and
let them be sent by the
Enterprise Server per e-mail in
time intervals. mehr...

Database replication

Due to the database replication
a high availability can be assured,
therefore you have got quick
access again to the system in
the case of disaster. mehr...

Which edition is compatible with the Enterprise Server?

Please note that only the Enterprise Edition can establish a connection to an Enterprise Server.

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