Extension and software updates

MATESO GmbH's research and development efforts into new security technologies and comprehensive product developments are ongoing. Password Safe is a product in the IT security sector which should be constantly kept up to date. With our product updates, which you can simply implement through the software, you will remain permanently up-to-date with the latest security standards and also receive product enhancements (according to the software service level) applied at no cost.

Are product updates free of charge?
You can benefit from updates at no cost during the currency of your software service agreement. Please note that there are different levels (Private, Company Classic, Company Premium). You may find information about this under Software maintenance and support.

Download Software maintenance and support

Does Password Safe continue to work after the software maintenance agreement has expired?
Password Safe will continue to work as usual after expiry of the software maintenance agreement, but you will no longer be able to install and apply any updates. We recommend that you always update your software to the latest status for your security.

How do I update my Password Safe?
First check that your software maintenance agreement is valid to allow you to apply updates. To run the update, click on Help -> Look for updates… in Password Safe. You will then be taken to a web site. If an update is available, you will be able to download and install the new version from here.

How can I extend my software maintenance agreement?
This is done most simply through the software itself. You have the option of ordering the extension through the licence overview 30 days before expiry of the agreement. Companies are welcome to order against invoice (net sales from 150 EUR) and we will be happy to prepare a quotation in advance. In this event, however, the order must be submitted by fax to +49 821 747787-11 or E-Mail to sales@passwordsafe.de.